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Taper Bush Pulleys, V-Belt Pulley, Flat Belt Pulley

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Gujarat, India
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Cast Iron, Iron
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Palletised in a container or LCL shipment
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10 DAY

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1) Reduces time and cost in fitting.2) No need of re-boring.3) full range of both metric and imperial sizes are available.

PIX-PowerWare (Taper Lock Pulleys and Bushes)

Features:• Manufactured from grey cast iron which gives consistently high quality product• Pulley & pulley groove specification conforms to IS 3142 & ISO 4183 standards• Precise surface finish ensure proper grip & wedging• Increased Belt life which reduces recurring purchase cost• Accurate and precise grooves to eliminate slippage of belts• Eliminates the chances of damage to the shaft, bearing, motor or machinery during installation and removal, as there is no need of hammering the pulleys• No special tool is required except a hexagonal key• Saves time in installation and removal of pulleys• Highly wear resistant.Statically balanced in general• Dynamic balancing of larger pulley is done on requirement basisAdvantages of Taper Lock Bush:• Ease of installation and removal

Reduces time and cost in fitting.• No need of re-boring, full range of both metric and imperial sizes are available.• Facilitates easy assemble / dissemble from pulley and other transmission parts.• Bushes are machined with standard key-ways.

Product Range (Pulleys):

Z/ SPZ, A/SPA, B/SPB, C/SPC Belt Pulleys

Product Range (Bushes):

1008, 1108, 1210, 1215, 1310, 1610, 1615, 2012, 2517, 2525, 3020, 3030, 3525, 3535, 4040, 4545, 5050

Note: Customised sizes and special bush type pulleys are also available on request

Cast Iron Pulley,


Cast Iron Pulleywe are manufacturer of "V" Belt Pulley various types and size.

Cast Iron Pulley,

we are the biggest manufacturer of "V" Belt Pulley various types and size.

"V" belt Pulley mainely for used for transmition and industrial purpose we are manufacturere and supplier and exporter of all types of pulley like V pulley, Motor Pulley, Flat Pulley, Split Pulley, Solid Pulley.

A pulley, also called a sheave, is a mechanism composed of a wheel or shaft that may have a groove between two flanges around its circumference. A belt, or chain usually runs over the wheel and inside the groove, if present. Pulleys are used to change the direction of an applied force, transmit rotational motion, or realize a mechanical advantage in either a linear or rotational system of motion. It is one of the six simple machines. Two or more pulleys together are called a block and tackle.Technically qualified products for V-Belt Driven Pulleys for every type of Plants & machinery. Your complete specification will give us more specific supply of required pulleys. We do also produce make to order [MOT] as per sizes and special requirements of customer. V-belt pulleys are available in.Cast IronThe term "cast iron" refers not to a single material, but to a family of materials whose major constituent is iron, with important trace amounts of carbon and silicon. Cast irons are natural composite materials whose properties are determined by their microstructures – the stable and metastable phases formed during solidification or subsequent heat treatment. The major microstructural constituents of cast irons are the chemical and morphological forms taken by carbon, and the continuous metal matrix in which the carbon and/or carbide are dispersed.AluminiumAluminum is a bluish, silver-white, malleable, ductile, light, trivalent, metallic element that has good electrical and thermal conductivity, high reflectivity, and resistance to oxidation.Features

  • Easy to Install or replace.
  • Available in Solid type, Web Type, Spoke Type, Rib Type
  • Pulleys are available in range of 2” to 36”
  • Customize sizes available as per drawings for bulk qty. for continuous supply.
  • Belt Section in pulleys are available in A, B, C, SPA, SPB, SPC
  • No. of Grooves Single & Multiple Grooves
  • Long durability
  • Maintenance free
  • Proper Transmission of power

As one of leading v pulley manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of mechanical products, We offer v pulley and many other products.

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