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Manufacturer supplier exporter of v pulley

V pulley

V Belt Pulley/Chain Pulley Block/Compressor Pulley for Cable Guide

1.OEM made as customer design 2. More than 300 sets high precision CNC machines,20 hobbing machine ,Zeiss testing machine tolerance 0.001mm. 3. Same/Better quality with Germany ,USA 4. Over 30 sets 5 axis CNC from Germany and Japan 5. Certificate: ISO9001:13485,TS16949,AS9100 6. 100% guarantee quality , lead time . 7. Reports available for PPAP,CPK,PFMEA,CONTROL PLAN etc.

Advantages of Belt pulle:

(1) Pulley drive can mitigate the impact of load; (2) Belt pulley drive running smoothly, low noise, low vibration; (3) Belt pulley transmission structure is simple, easy to adjust;Pulley transmission for (4) pulley manufacturing and installation precision is not as strict as meshing transmission; (5) Belt pulley transmission has the function of overload protection; (6) Belt pulley transmission of the two axis center distance adjustment range is large.



 Wheel V Belt Pulley

Alloy Steels/ Aluminum/ Brass/ Bronze Alloys Carbon Steel/ Copper/ Stainless Steel/ Tool Steel Cold Rolled Steel/ Bearing Steel ABS/ Delrin/ Nylon/ PVC

Taper Lock V Belt Pulley

For light objects: bubble pack individually to prevent from damaging and scratches in transporting, then in carton; for heavy objects: wrapped in PE bags and then in wooden boxes

 OEM belt pulley Custom pulley

We can produce pulleys for Automobile Timing Belt, Treadmills, Sewing Machines and other related products

What I Do

High quality v belt pulley,belt tensioner pulley

Taper Lock Pulley V Belt Pulley

We offer high quality Taper Lock Pulley V Belt Pulley in competitive price

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Customized CNC Machining Steel V Belt Pulley for Auto Spare Parts Car Accessories

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Manufacturer supplier exporter of v pulley