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does a rev limiter reduce torque

A rev limiter is a machine or aspect in an motor manage technique that limitations the optimum rotational speed (revolutions per minute or RPM) of the motor. Its major function is to stop the motor from running at excessively large RPMs, which can lead to prospective injury or failure.

Though a rev limiter restricts the engine’s utmost RPM, it does not instantly reduce torque. Torque is a measure of the rotational drive created by the engine and is linked to the engine’s design and style, displacement, and other variables. The rev limiter does not change the engine’s torque output or attributes.

Nonetheless, when the motor reaches the RPM limit established by the rev limiter, it intervenes to limit even more acceleration or China torque limiter reduce the engine from surpassing that limit. This can end result in a short term reduction in electrical power output because the engine are not able to proceed to rev better and China torque limiter supplier create added horsepower. As a consequence, the fee at which China torque limiter raises with increasing RPM may possibly sluggish down, but the genuine torque output continues to be unchanged in just the engine’s functioning assortment.

It can be critical to observe that the precise actions of a rev limiter can fluctuate relying on the motor and its command technique. Some rev limiters may well use strategies these types of as ignition timing retardation or gasoline lower-off to management the engine velocity. These solutions can impact the torque shipping and delivery momentarily through the intervention of the rev limiter but do not change the fundamental torque features of the engine.

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